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The stable units are manufactured and designed in such a manner that should the need arise to add to your existing stables this can be done by simply bolting onto the existing stables.
Our stables consist of galvanised steel frames with 22mm shutter ply boards fitted to the frames. We do offer the option of routing a tongue and groove pattern for a different effect on the timber.
The stable panels are pre- fabricated and assembled with all the timber and fittings at our workshop ,this enables us to assemble the complete unit on site with no manufacturing taking place on site apart from assembly.
In the event of having to move the stable sections it can be done by un doing all the bolted connections and the stables could be moved to a different location, this means that its can be made a permanent fixture or temporary.
The design of the stables are done in such a manner that should there be a need to replace any timber or steelwork it can be done by Drawing referral that we keep on file with the design lay out of each individual project.
All our products are hot dipped Galvanised this extends the life time of the products giving the customer value for money and reducing maintenance costs in the long run.
All our products that are used in the manufacture and assembly are of the highest quality thus not compromising quality.
Our products are engineered to give the maximum result as far as quality is  concerned .
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