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Midlands Industrial has been involved with manufacturing stables and other equine products for the past 6 years. Our products have been tried and tested across South Africa .
There has been a growing need to supply the equine industry with a quality product and service especially in stabling . We have developed a very unique product as far as stable design and manufacture is concerned from the design to full site installation.
Midlands Industrial has been around for a total of 9 years mainly concentrating on Structural steelwork and Manufacturing. This goes hand in hand with the manufacturing of stables and other equine products. We have a fully equipped workshop that can produce at capacity due to our equipment and staff that we have in place. None of our work is outsourced, this means we can design , manufacture and install all in house. Our design team uses a structural drawing programme designed to assist us with the layout and manufacture of our products. This is a very important part of our business as our clients can get involved with the design of their own products and have first- hand information as to what they are getting for their money.
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